What Kinds of Job Opportunities Are There For Senior Citizens? by Stephen Chua

Because of improved health and the desire to stay active more and more senior  citizens are looking for job opportunities. Certainly because of this the job  market for those that are now over 50 is improving. Certainly projections are  showing that by 2010 senior citizens will make up 1/3 of the entire workforce in  the United States. So just what types of senior citizens job opportunities are  there available to them?

In this article we take a look at a number of different opportunities that  are available for senior citizens. Although it can be quite intimidating for  anyone who has been out of work for sometime finding a new job there are now  employment resources specially dedicated to helping senior citizens make the  transition back into the job market. There are many Governmental, private and  public organizations which provide assistance to senior citizens in relation to  career guidance, education, job training, job placement and resume and interview  skills.

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However there are some job opportunities available for senior citizens which  need little or no qualifications in order to do them.

1. Baby Sitting

Unfortunately there are lots of children out there who do not have  Grandparents. Certainly more and more parents would be happy to leave their  children with a more experienced and mature senior than a 14 year old. It is  quite easy to get set up just place an advert on your local supermarket bulletin  board, home owner’s association newsletter or at your church. You will soon be  amazed at the responses you will get.

2. House Sitting

Many people are now traveling to see their children or friends. So these  people will spend long times away from their home and there are plenty of  opportunities now for senior citizens to offer their services as house sitters.  Many people will know that their homes will be well cared for by such  people.

As you can see from above no longer do senior citizen’s need to stay at home  and wile away the hours doing nothing. There are plenty of senior citizens job  opportunities available. So why not contact your local senior citizen group or  one of the employment resource centers that have been specifically set up to  find employment for those senior citizens who want to do more with their  lives.

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