Senior Citizens – Victims No More by Chris Bruno

Violent crime against senior citizens used to be unthinkable. It was rare  that a street thug would target an elderly person; however criminals of today  have a totally different mindset. They prey upon those they perceive to be weak  and an easy target and who will offer the least resistance. In the mind of a  street thug, seniors fit this category. This alone is why you need to become  informed, and do whatever you can to keep yourself from becoming a victim.

Oftentimes senior citizens are led to believe that they have somehow lost the  ability to defend themselves against criminals and crime in general. This belief  is totally false and in fact there are many quick and easy things seniors can do  to defend themselves.

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The first thing you should do is find a senior self defense class in your  area. Many organizations provide these free of charge. Check with your local  police department, YMCA or seniors club in your area. Many community  organizations offer these classes free of charge.

Many seniors are opposed to carrying weapons of any kind. This is a thought  process that needs to change. Pepper spray or a stun gun are ideal choices and  offer a level of protection that will not only boost your confidence but  actually allow you to survive an assault by temporarily incapacitating your  attacker. Each of these weapons are extremely easy to operate and take just a  few minutes to learn.

Because many seniors are so opposed to carrying something such as pepper  spray, if you do use it, the attacker will be caught off guard and the element  of surprise will buy you the critical time you need to get to a safe location  and notify the police. The effects of either weapon are temporary and will not  cause permanent injury.

If you are not willing to carry a traditional weapon consider using a cane if  you have one. Swing the cane in an “X” pattern, targeting the knees, elbows and  other bony parts of the attackers’ body. These strikes will be effective but in  very temporary way. They will probably only distract an attacker, so a secondary  plan is definitely needed. I would suggest a Personal Alarm. They are a very  small discreet device that you can carry in a pocket, purse or on your belt that  when activated sound a very loud ear piercing noise which causes your attacker  to flee and forget about attacking you. Many alarms are equipped with flashing  strobe lights and a few even contain hidden pepper spray giving you the best of  both worlds.

Of course, the best way to defend yourself is to not allow yourself to become  a victim in the first place. I know this may sound like an obvious statement but  simply by adhering to a few easy to follow best practices you can greatly lower  your chances of becoming a victim. When you are going out, try and keep jewelry  hidden or simply wear it discreetly. Do not carry large amounts of cash. Remain  aware of what is going on around you. If you see or even sense something bad,  adjust your actions accordingly. Changing the direction you are walking is far  easier than recovering from injuries you sustain in an attack.

Senior safety at home is a whole different ballgame but equally as important.  Do not keep large sums of money at home. Consider using a debit card and having  any monthly payments due you directly deposited into a bank account.

Do not divulge any personal information over the phone or in person. DO NOT  withdraw any money from a bank account unless you are absolutely sure you know  who you are giving it to. There are a huge number of scams out there and many  target seniors. In fact many seniors are scammed out of their life savings  simply because they felt sorry for someone or had their emotions preyed upon. If  something seems too good to be true, it most definitely is.

When it comes to defending yourself, anyone can improve their abilities. All  it takes is the desire to take a stand, educate yourself, and practice some of  the techniques mentioned here. With your new found confidence and some practice  you will already have done a great deal to lessen your chances of becoming a  victim.

Chris Bruno is a retired police officer and contributing author to Safety  Products Depot. His certification as a Pepper Spray  [] Instructor gives him  unique insight into the effectiveness of this defensive weapon. Chris is  offering you a 10% discount off any purchase at  [] Visit the site now to claim your discount  coupon.

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