Quality Personal Security Devices for Senior Citizens by Dharmendar Kumar

Some of the sectors of human society are largely vulnerable to criminal  atrocities. Besides women and children, the two most vulnerable groups, there is  another that is slowly but steadily coming to the forefront. It is the senior  citizens.

Security Aspects for Senior Citizens

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Even the best of athletes and strong men grow weaker and vulnerable with the  advancements in age. It is the inevitable law of nature and no one is going to  escape the eventualities. That is why security becomes a concern for such people  as they advance in ages and become less and less capable of taking own care  without some external support.

Easy Prey for Hoodlums

In fact, senior citizens in United States as well as across the world have  been easy prey for the hoodlums and anti socials. Often due to their physical  frailty they become prime targets for such unscrupulous people. This is one  phase of life where gender variations make little difference. Even if the old  men usually hold canes, but that they can hardly use for any self  protections.

Old and Vulnerable Need Not Stand as Victims

Good news for the senior citizens is that it is no more required for them to  remain passive victims and they can become active self protectors using the  gifts of modern science. Such gifts are personal security devices.

Some Popular Personal Security Devices

Some of the popular personal security devices that can be effectively used by  senior citizens are -

• Pepper spray, that is easy to use and can be held with a key chain or  concealed inside the shirt or coat pockets. In fact, it can be stored in any  place that the user considers handy. When sprayed on the assailant’s face it  will result in swelling of his eyes and the effect will last for 45 minutes  almost blinding him.

• However, in some states, pepper spray is prohibited under the law.  Hence any senior citizen should remain conversant with the local laws before  using one.

• Also popular among women is the stun guns that will have a stunning  effect on the attacker and he will not be able to get out of the impact for the  next three quarters of an hour.

• Teasers and security alarms are also used by the elderly people quite  extensively.

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