How to Deal With Alzheimers With Our Guest Lori La Bey

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Senior Guide USA Presents: How to Deal With Alzheimers With Our Guest Lori La Bey – Alzheimer’s Speaks.

Lori La Bey is a passionate advocate who searches for ways to shift our dementia care culture from crisis to comfort. She was recognized by Sharecare and Dr. Oz. as the #1 Influencer Online for Alzheimer’s.  As a professional speaker and daughter of a mother with dementia for over thirty years, pfizer viagra no prescription Lori gets it! Change is needed on multiple levels.

As host of Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio and the webinar series Dementia Chats Lori connects people to best practices and facilitates conversations regarding needs for dementia care worldwide. She addresses large and small groups as a recognized calming force with insights. She does this in a fun, enlightening way.  Audience members say, “Lori has changed my perspective and empowered me to care better.

Alzheimer’s Speaks shifts our dementia care from crisis to comfort. “We must improve our delivery systems. We must give voice to all. We must work together to win the battle against dementia!” says La Bey.

Alzheimer’s Speaks believes it is time to become dementia friendly. We believe hope not fear, is our common bond. The statistics on dementia are staggering. Businesses, communities and individuals need to become dementia friendly because there is no cure and understanding of the disease is limited. Our Dementia Friendly Campaign is designed to shift perceptions, create acceptance and provide the resources individuals, businesses and communities need.

Check out Lori’s Million dollar idea for St. Paul, Minnesota to become the first Dementia Friendly City in the US.

Help Share the Care, by participating in our Collaborative International Resource Directory for Dementia, which allows individuals and companies to share resource information for dementia and caregiving. Together we can bring a positive voice filled with compassion to those in need.


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