Golf Your Way to Happiness with Jamie Zimron

…in Jamie’s words…

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Many streams of my life have converged to form the holistic teachings and offerings that are The KiAi Way®: leading-edge integrative, body-based peak performance trainings that will transform how you do things and the results you canada pharmacy viagra can enjoy.

A combination of an athletic body, studious mind and curious spirit has taken me on a rich lifetime journey of exploring our multi-faceted human beingness, and how to best express our full capabilities in every aspect of daily living. I started golfing at age 7, became a state and national junior golf champion, and have loved sports all my life. At age 21, as a Stanford University undergrad, I first discovered Aikido. It is at once an athletic and dancelike martial art; moving meditation; relationship training; philosophy of equality and non-violence; and an embodied spiritual practice. Aikido engages my body along with my mind, which has always seemed to run on its own 5th gear.

After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford, with studies across a broad range of Social Sciences, I immersed in learning bodywork and somatic healing. I earned my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch West University in San Francisco, then worked in private practice and on staff at the Institute for Personal Change.

During that time I established and was Chief Instructor of the Women’s Aikido School / Aikido Arts Center of SF (1980-1994), and began teaching nationally, in the ex-Soviet Union, Canada and Israel.

In the mid-1990s I lived in Jerusalem, taught Aikido and mind-body healing work, and became involved in Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts. Upon returning to the US and San Diego, I learned further modalities to recover from long-standing sports injuries and adrenal exhaustion.

Jamie Aikido

In 2000 I created KiAi Golf, joined the LPGA, and founded The KiAi Way Inc. to bring innovative high performance principles and practices to golf and sports, leadership, workplace wellness, communication and conflict resolution, to individuals and in the corporate and non-profit business arenas. The KiAi Training approach melds together all of my east-west and mind-body-spirit knowledge and experience, into a comprehensive holistic framework and somatic technology that everyone can easily use to achieve their highest potential in any and all fields.

It’s exciting to see the many real changes and improvements in people’s personal, professional and athletic lives. Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I work locally, nationally and internationally and look forward to sharing The KiAi Way with you.

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