Senior Guide USA is a comprehensive resource directory for seniors. The various state Senior guides provide information about homes, health, services and leisure activities and more.


Our Mission Statement: To Publish the most popular, user friendly, visible, results-based, free publication for our seniors and their families.


The online publication is filled with informative articles that relate to Senior issues including health care, home health and leisure activities.


What started as the Las Vegas Senior Guide (nvseniorguide.com), Megan Mathis began the first publication in 2001 because she recognized the need to inform seniors about services that were available to them.


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“Seniors are a unique group because they have so many needs that aren’t met as easily as those of the younger generations,” Mathis stated. “They are the largest percentage of our country’s population and are always looking for resources and good deals, no matter what their income level. The directory is also useful to baby boomers who can use it to find resources for their aging parents.”

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